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The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

by Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
with Foreword by Sandra Ingerman

book cover The Return of the Feminine and the World Soul

"For thousands of years it has been known that everything that exists in this world is
alive and has a spirit. We are connected to a web of life that is impacted by the behavior
of all that is alive. This ancient understanding of the divine feminine, the interconnected
oneness of all creation, is a central theme in Llewellyn’s writings…
everyone reading this book will be inspired."

Sandra Ingerman, author of Medicine for the Earth,
from the Foreword

The feminine holds the mystery of creation. This simple and primordial truth is often overlooked, but at this time of global crisis, which also carries the seeds of a global transformation, we need to reawaken to the spiritual power and potential of the feminine. Feminine qualities belong to both men and women, and they draw us into the depths within us, into the mysteries of the soulwhose wisdom is called Sophia. Without the feminine nothing new can be born, nothing new can come into existence—we will remain caught in the materialistic images of life that are polluting our planet and desecrating our souls. We need to return to the core of our being, to where the sacred comes into existence. And the mystical feminine holds the key to this work of redemption and transformation.

Over the past two decades Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee has given different teachings on the feminine and the anima mundi, the World Soul. They are compiled here for the first time.

“We have to realize that when we deny the divine mystery of the feminine, we also deny something fundamental to life. We separate life from its sacred core, from the matrix that nourishes all creation. We cut ourselves from the source that alone can heal, nourish, and transform. The same sacred source that gave birth to each of us is needed to give meaning to our life, to nourish it with what is real and to reveal to us the mystery, the purpose of being alive. Because humanity has a central function in the whole of creation, what we deny ourselves we deny to all of life. In denying the feminine her sacred power and purpose, we have impoverished life on personal and global levels in ways we do not understand…. Yes, we see now the outer effects on the earth, but it is so much more difficult to recognize the inner effects, which have been devastating.”

—Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee